José María Álvarez
Presidente AEO

We are delighted to welcome you to Global WorkInPlace Meeting Madrid 2019, on behalf of the Board of Directors and all members of the Spanish Association of Offices (AEO). The event will take place in Spain’s capital from 13 to 15 November this year.

It will be hosted at Hotel Meliá Castilla, and welcome around 500 professionals, business leaders and executives from multiple fields and continents, including America, Asia and Europe.

The Global WorkInPlace Meeting has been created to rise to the challenge of the quantum leap of real value and the vision of the “concept of offices” for corporations, business leaders, management and HR. It is therefore set to be the greatest gathering of cross-cutting office sector knowledge in Europe.

Leading Work Culture Transformation articulates how “offices” have transitioned from an asset or a purely property-based concept to a facilitator, leveraging change for businesses in their necessary adjustment and evolution to adapt to market circumstances in this new century, characterised by the digital revolution, artificial intelligence and the disruptive culture of new generations of professionals.

The reliance of companies on a physical asset to foster cultural changes, reflect business idiosyncrasies, and attract and retain the best-available talent has never been so strong.

Global WorkInPlace Meeting Madrid 2019 will discuss current and future-looking issues, including:

Offices as a strategic tool for companies
Work in the 21st century
Spain, a country to work
Workplaces, motivation and talent
Offices and cities
Flexibility and occupant needs
Product quality in the Office industry
Other topics, such as digitalisation, financing and the future of offices

We invite you to attend and explore the present and future of this new dimension: the Office as a strategic asset, generating value for companies.



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