Hamza ShammaStrategy & Innovation Lead, Savills Aguirre Newman

    Savills Aguirre Newman

    Joining Savills Aguirre Newman in 2017, part of the innovation and strategy department, Hamzah supports the company’s Prop-Tech initiatives – specially in relation to the sourcing of innovative solutions for business needs, focusing on both internal process efficiency & added value services for clients.

    Working closely with the head of the innovation and strategy department as well as the company’s CEO, Hamzah launched the company’s innovation network in mid-2018. Managing a select group of individuals from the various divisions in the business, the key focus of this network is the analysis and monitoring of key trends and developments in the Real Estate Tech world.
    Launching in early 2017, Hamzah also manages the companies Proptech website (propTech.es). This website has provided the company with numerous advantages, from providing information on market trends and scale to allowing the company to source the best provider to support internal initiatives.

    From his work in identifying market trends and the management of innovation initiatives, hamzah also form part of the Savills European Innovation committee. With representatives from every country with a Savills office, the committees main focus is to identify trends, assure synergies between countries, and direct the general company strategy in everything technology related.

    As an engineer by trade, graduating from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, hamzah´s has always had a passion for technology and the methods it could simplify everyday redundant processes. For this reason, in early 2016 hamzah began investing in start-ups as an Angel investor. To date, Hamzah has invested in numerous start-ups, with focuses on duel factor authentication, blockchain validation, on-demand services and artificial intelligence.


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